The recent year has seen a tug of war between the Pakistan Medical & Dental Council (PM&DC) which used to regulate the medical licensing and the newly-setup Pakistan Medical Commission (P.M.C), aggressively advocated by the Federal govt. Despite the reservations of the medical fraternity and several legal hiccups the P.M.C was established via Constitutional ACT.

Although the current setup at P.M.C is interim till the board and its autonomous sections start working, the commission has taken over the job from PM&DC.

A whole lot of overhaul in medical licensing, education and policy is under consideration including the introduction of N.L.E, National Licensing exam on the footsteps of USMLE & UKMLE (to be introduced) and replacing licence renewal with revalidation.

Here we will talk about medical licence renewal:

According to P.M.C the licence renewal process will be changed to revalidation, i.e. instead of just applying and getting a renewed licence the medical practitioner will be reassessed for his professional knowledge & skills, how this will be done is yet to be seen but most likely will include reviewing the Continued Medical Education activities and credits.

The duration of licence is reduced from the previous 5-year period to only 2 years.

For renewal, applicant will have to download the updated form from , that asks for the basic bio data along with 2 pictures, copy of valid cnic and the previous original licence.

Fee is Rs. 2000 for basic medical qualification for 2-year period, and Rs.3000 if there is any post-graduate qualification.

The fee will have to be paid out by a bank draft/ pay order in favour of "Pakistan Medical Commission" and the form sent by courier. Currently, they are not accepting or delivering licence by hand.

It should be noted that for those applicants graduated before September 2020NLE exam is not required for licence renewal.

According to Dr Taqi the current head of PMC they are working on making the entire process of licencing, good standing certificates and verification/credentialing online at their website.

N.B The rules & regulations are continuously being renewed/ revised by the commission for confirmation visit their website or contact them directly via contact details mentioned below.

Here are the contact details of PMC if you have any query contact them directly.

  1. Head Office: Mauve Area, G-10/4, Islamabad, Pakistan
  2. General Info: +92-51-9106152-54
  3. email at: [email protected]

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