The Cleveland clinic is an academic hospital based in Ohio, United States of America run by the Cleveland foundation. It was established in the year 1921 & works as a non-profit, the foundation now runs around 11 affiliated hospitals in the USA and also internationally in Toronto, Canada and Abu Dhabi, UAE.

Cleveland Hospital Abu-dhabi ©Cleveland hospital

Cleveland clinic is considered as one of the leading hospitals in the world, in 2018-19 according to US news & world report it came to the second spot among the best hospitals in the USA.

Cleveland Hospital prides itself in research & education and spends millions of dollars in funding research projects each year apart from its medical teaching facilities. 

ICU Room © Euro System

Johns Hopkins Hospital & University is one of the most well known and leading university based in Baltimore, Maryland, USA. It was among the pioneers in research based education. Founded in 1889 it is considered the founding institution of medical education in America, several medical specialities e.g. neurosurgery trace their origin from this institute. 

Johns Hopkins © Peoples

It remained the top overall hospital in USA for over 21 years, several Nobel laureates have their association with Johns Hopkins. The affiliated university has international campuses in Italy & China.

Cleveland Clinic & Johns Hopkins Hospital coming to Pakistan?

This news was shared on twitter by Javed Afridi one of the leading businessmen from Pakistan, who owns the popular Peshawer Zalmi cricket franchise of the Pakistan Super League (PSL), the consumer electronics company Haier & the Automobile company MG Motors Pakistan.

Mr Afridi is known to invest in different and unconventional sectors, we might see him as the local partner for establishment of hospitals affiliated with the above mentioned organizations following the example of Cleveland clinic Abu-dhabi.

There are no further details or timelines regarding when or how these health facilities will come to Pakistan till yet, so be wary of the news till there is an official announcement from the concerned organizations.

Though if this news turns to be true this would be a game changer in the Health Care Sector, as no world-class health care facility is currently available in Pakistan and patients would have access to advanced treatment locally, for which they had to travel to UAE or other western countries earlier. 

The only downside to watch for is cost, as these facilities have charges towards the higher side.

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