Pakistan Medical Commission has finally launched the much awaited online system for application and licensing process. It is to be noted that from now on all sorts of applications including licence renewal, provisional licence, registering post-graduate qualifications, good standing certificates will have to be submitted online and not by mail.

Here we will discuss the procedure of online application process:

1. Account creation at PMC Online

Visit & select sign up, enter your details like name, father's name, contact email and phone number, cnic number and issuance date etc and your account password.

A verification number will be sent to your email/password so make sure both are accurate.

Check your email for the verification code and enter the same at pmc portal, your account will be opened.

2. Applying for New licence/ licence Renewal/ Good standing certificate/ Faculty Registration/ Change of Address- contact details/ Post-graduate qualification registration/

Login to your PMC account at, your account dashboard will display all the applications you can apply e.g. for applying for licence renewal.

Select apply on licence renewal button. The new window will inform you about the required documents. Currently, two documents are required:

1. Your picture

2. Consent form (this can be downloaded from the same page)

   The consent form requires you to allow PMC to seek verification of your degrees from the degree awarding institute and pay the fee if any, according to case by case basis.

The next page has a form requiring your personal information and upload the 2 above-mentioned documents, and proceed to the fee payment.

Currently, fee mentioned is for 2 years Rs.4000.

Fee can be paid via 2 methods

1. Online via Debit/Credit cards

2. Bank Chalan voucher- that can be paid at any MCB Bank.

Submit your application and that's it.

The procedure for other applications is similar to licence renewal mentioned above.

How long will the licence process take?

Approximately 14 days as per PMC 

For further information, question or query kindly contact PMC directly at their website, this article is just for information purpose.

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    1. If could contact PMC directly they might help, what i can suggest is to use the forget/reset password feature, double check Capslock etc.

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