PMC/PMDC ONLINE- license renewal step by step 2023

How to renew PMC/ PMDC medical license online 2023 Updated step-by-step guide 

The Pakistan Medical Commission, (Pakistan Medical & Dental Council),PMDC, licensing process is completely online now. The online section of the commission provides different services to the doctors. 

These include:

  • Provisional license application/extension
  • Full license application/ Renewal/
  • Change in data (name/address/contact details)
  • Addition of post-graduate clinical qualification
  • Addition of alternate/other qualifications
  • Faculty registration
  • Good standing certificate/ Practical experience
  • Attestation/ verification of license
  • Verification of Experience or CGS (ECFMG / EPIC)
Some points to take note of prior to proceeding with application process, if you need to change your name/ address/ contact details first submit the data change form prior to submitting your relevant application. In addition, if any post graduate qualification needs to be added to your license a separate application has to be submitted for that as well. Also, the license renewal period is currently for 5 years.
To start over, the application process;
  1. Create an account on PMC online ( now updated to PMDC online [Fill-in the signup carefully provide accurate details and working mobile and email address]
  2. Verify your account (you will get verification code on email/mobile)
  3. Log-on with your email address and password.
  4. The dashboard will display all the application categories e.g. license renewal etc
  5. Select your desired application by clicking apply  (If unsure, click on” Not sure what to apply for” to see details on which application is appropriate for you)
  6. Here you will see the required information and documents needed in scanned form e.g. for license renewal provide your PMDC number & biodata, passport size scanned image in blue or white background.
  7. Head over the next section i.e. fee payment, the fee amount will be displayed on the screen. For license renewal, it’s Rs.10,000 for 5 years.
  8. Payment can be made via debit/credit card online or through challan form (which need’s to be printed and submitted in MCB bank branches)
  9. Once payment is confirmed, you will see application successfully submitted status & the same can be tracked through the dashboard on PMDC ONLINE.
  10. PMC sends out the certificate via courier/post along with tracking ID.
  11. The time duration is now considerably reduced, although PMC states 14 days duration but these days, delivery time have been reported between 3-5 days.
Please note this site has no affiliation with PMC, this guide is just for information purpose, the procedure/fee/ regulations can change from time to time, this guide has been updated as per the current process, for issues, further queries kindly direct your questions directly to the PMC at their official phone number, email address mentioned on their respective website.

For any general feedback or update write in the comments below.


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  1. Thanks, I want to know that once we submit fee via bank challan, then what is the next step? do we wait for license renewal or send the challan via post to PMC?

  2. Please confirm is it correct that PMC has announced that that as earlier on 29-09-2022 doctors above 60+ plus years old have

  3. Please confirm is it correct that PMC has announced that the doctors who's age is 60 and plus have 50% decrease in renewal registration fee which has been decided in earlier meeting on 29-09-2022.

  4. PMC did discuss lowering fee, however to see what is applicable to you you can logon to and click license renewal there you will see the fee's applicable to you.

  5. I am 66 Years old and retired. My PMDC registration expired in 2010. I want to renew it. Please guide me

  6. Hello sir, can you please tell me that if we apply for change in address then after how many days we will have to apply for licence renewal or both applications can be submitted within the same day?

  7. I had entered wrong email address. How to correct this issue. As now im entering the new email adress and they are saying an account is already present on this nic

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