How to create EPIC account for GMC & Irish Medical Council registration in 2022 - EPIC ECFMG verification


Proceeding for licensing as foreign medical graduate? Read this first.

Prior to your application for license to practice to the medical regulators e.g. GMC, Irish medical council, Australian medical council you have to first complete some requisites, in this article we will be discussing how to create an EPIC account for registration with General medical council (GMC) UK & the Irish medical council.


How to create EPIC account for GMC and IMC registration in 2022

What is EPIC?

EPIC stands for electronic portfolio of international credentials it’s a service by the US - Educational Commission for Foreign Medical Graduates (ECFMG), which provides primary medical qualification verification for physicians and organizations worldwide.

How this works is, the doctor shares his medical qualifications with epic which verifies the credentials from the issuing university/college, this adds on to the doctor’s online portfolio, when he/she needs to apply to a regulator e.g., GMC in UK or Irish medical council, they only need access to your EPIC portfolio to confirm the applicant’s qualification for licensing process.

Currently, the GMC and IMC require applicants to have their primary medical qualification verified on their epic portfolio prior to initiating their application.


How to create an EPIC account:

The first step is to request an account at the epic website. Select new to epic and establish an account, which will take you to the registration form.

Prior to proceeding with the application ensure you have the required documents and information with you as the registration will complete only after you have submitted all the required information.

So read over all the required documents mention below prior to proceeding with the application.

·         Coloured copy of your passport (photograph, biodata, signature pages)

·         Coloured photograph of yourself

·         Your medical qualification information

·         Medical license (if applicable)

·         Credit/debit card for fee payment

Once you have all these ready, head-over to the epic website and fill in the registration form with your biodata, medical school qualification details, license details (add GMC or IMC to which you are applying), upload your photograph and passport copies and finally pay the fee.

The account creation can take a day or two, you will receive an email when your account is ready, use the provided details to login to your epic account and head over to my identity documents, here you will get your EPIC Identification Form (EIF), this form contains all the details you provided at the time of account creation, once this form is available you need to get it signed from notary for it to be acceptable. But don’t worry, all this is done online and the fee charged at the registration includes the notarization.

EPIC uses the notary cam services, head over to their website and sign-up with your epic details, select the EPIC identification form for notarization, they will schedule a video call where you will be asked some brief information and need to show your passport. No need to panic, they will guide you at each step. Once complete they will send the notarized form back to epic, and you will get an email that your account is successfully setup.

The fee for the account creation is currently US$130 and includes epic account creation and certification of EPIC IDENTIFICATION FORM by notarycam.

Verification of credentials:

After you have completed the account registration process now comes the second step i.e. medical qualification credentialing.

Depending upon the regulators' requirement you will need to get your qualifications verified.

·         For GMC, only primary medical qualification is required (mbbs/md)

·         For Irish medical council, primary medical qualification as well as housejob/internship experience is also required. (Note: The internship/housejob certificate should be issued by your home countries medical regulator not the one provided by the hospital)

For this step you need to upload the required documents on your epic portal, choose how you want the request for verification to be sent normal or courier (which has its charges) and select the relevant bodies e.g. GMC or IMC to which you want your verification report to be sent to.

EPIC will review your submitted documents and then send it to your degree awarding institute for verification, note that if your institute demands verification charges that will need to be paid by you.

Now you will just have to wait for the verification process to complete, and the report will be sent to GMC or IMC by itself when received by EPIC, at that time you can proceed with the licensing application.

Fee for credentialing is US$100 per credential and includes, Primary-source verification of credential, Real-time updates on the status of your verification request & Electronic storage of your verified credential.

Courier fee is US$30 & allows tracking of your request.

First report for each credential is sent free of charge, afterwards it costs US$50.


When to create an epic account

The epic account is for life, so you can create the account anytime, but as the verification process can take time, it is recommended to start at least 3 months prior to proceeding with licensing application.

Also, the verification reports sent are for a period of one year.

If you have already got your credentials verified for usmle you will just need to create an epic account and submit a verification report to your regulator, no need for verification again.

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