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 The Gastro and Liver Clinic, by, provides a wide range of services for patients with diseases of the gut and liver. The clinic is led by GI & Liver physician, who has experience in gastroenterology diseases and liver diseases. The clinic currently, only offers online video consultations for patients and their families to discuss their issues and help them in management plan, provide necessary background of diseases and counselling as per the issues identified. See the appointment form below

Some frequently discussed common GI & Liver issues are:

Hepatitis and its complications ہیپاٹائٹس اور اس کی پیچیدگیاں

Cirrhosis and its complications سروسس اور اس کی پیچیدگیاں

Biliary disorders پیلا یرقان

Stomach disorders - acidity - reflux - heart burn -ulcers - bleeding -infections معدے کی خرابی - تیزابیت - ریفلکس - دل کی جلن - السر - خون بہنا - انفیکشن

Pain abdomen - Lactose intolerance - diarrhoea - constipation پیٹ میں درد - لییکٹوز عدم برداشت - اسہال - قبض

Coeliac disease - anaemia  Celiac (گندم کی الرجی) - خون کی کمی

Irritable bowel syndrome سوزش والی آنتوں کا سنڈروم

Ulcerative Colitis السری قولون کا ورم

Anal fissures, Haemorrhoids مقعد کا زخم، بواسیر

You can now discuss any of these issues via online consultation at Gastro and Liver Clinic by by filling the appointment form below.

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