Fastest way to count pills – Pill eye the AI based pill counter app

 Best Pill Counting App: Pill Eye

Introduction: Manually counting pills is a tedious task that requires accuracy and attention to detail. With the increasing use of medications for various health conditions, the need for a reliable and efficient pill counting system has become crucial. In today’s digital world, there are several applications that can help simplify this task and reduce the risk of medication errors. One such app is Pill Eye.

best pill counter app - pill eye

Introduction to Pill Eye: 

Pill Eye is a cutting-edge pill counting app that uses artificial intelligence (AI) to accurately count medication. The app is designed to help individuals and healthcare professionals keep track of their medications and ensure they are taking the right dosage at the right time. This saves the valuable time that is usually spent on boring, repetitive and mistake prone task. This tool specially makes the lives of pharmacists a lot easier. All it takes is a picture from your phone and within a second or two, the apps AI will count all the tablets in the frame, however active internet connection is required for the app to work, as the AI works on the back end servers not on the mobile device.

How Pill Eye Works:

 Pill Eye uses AI algorithms to accurately count pills in a fraction of the time it would take to do manually. The app uses image recognition technology to identify the type of pill, count the number of pills in a bottle, and display the results in a user-friendly interface.

Steps to Use Pill Eye:

1. Download and install the Pill Eye app on your device.

2. Take a picture of your pills, after laying them on a flat surface, using the app’s camera.

3. The AI algorithms will automatically identify the type of pill and count the number of pills in the picture.

4. The app will display the results, including the pill count, type of pill, and any other relevant information.

5. You can easily keep track of your medication schedule and dosage using the app.


Accurate and efficient pill counting

User-friendly interface

Its developers boast 99.99 % accuracy

Can count up to 1000 pills at once

Can detect all types of pills whether they are half or transparent

Saves time and reduces the risk of medication errors

Can be used by individuals and healthcare professionals

Supports multiple languages


Limited to counting pills on a flat level surface 

Relies on a good quality image of the pill‘s

May not be able to accurately count pills if the bottle is cluttered or the pills are not easily visible

Conclusion: In conclusion, Pill Eye is a valuable tool for anyone who wants to keep track of their medications and ensure they are taking the right dosage at the right time. The app’s AI algorithms make it quick and easy to count pills, reducing the risk of medication errors and freeing up time for other important tasks.

Common questions:

1: Is pill eye free?

  Pill eye can be used free after installing the app, however there is a subscription based upgrade that allows taking and analyzing multiple pictures at once.

2. Pill eye is available for which mobile devices?

  Pill eye works both for android and IOS devices. You can download from the respective app store.

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