About Us

Welcome to DrAnas.pk, founded by Dr Anas Ahmad Shah, who is a full-time registered Doctor working in Gastroenterology department of a tertiary care hospital He is a Member of American College of Gastroenterology and also a digital entrepreneur. 

Having enjoyed blogging since 2007, initially nonmedical, he started this blog to write on Medicine & Health Technology and General awareness regarding health issues and guidance for junior doctors.

Dranas.pk brings in all things healthcare — covering general medical awareness, residency jobs alerts, health technology updates & assisting fellow medics in adopting health technology, promotion of public health, highlighting issues of medical faculty and an educational resource for students.

The blog does not aim to be an online encyclopedia, but merely a valuable resource based on the doctor’s experiences and expertise.

Note: This blog is not intended for direct patient medical advice or treatment, medication or consultation. If you have any medical issue, contact your treating physician or visit your local health facility.
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