Corona vaccine 30 – 40 years age and Vaccination card procedure Pakistan

 The Covid-19 vaccination campaign is progressing on a slow but steady pace. Currently population above 40 is being offered vaccination, according to their queue number and local vaccination center capacity and availability of the vaccines.

Two breakthrough have taken place that will allow the govt to increase vaccination numbers in multiples.

First, the chinese single dose vaccine by CansinoBio which was earlier bought from china and airlifted to Pakistan, is being manufactured and packed locally at NIH, which is a commendable initiative by the Govt of Pakistan.

Second, vaccines have started to pour in under the WHO Covax program, also some of these were donated by Germany. The vaccines being shipped by covax are manufactured by Oxford-AstraZeneca, and are being given to the 40-50 years population cross section.

As per NCOC data, as of writing this article around 1 Million Pakistanis have been fully vaccinated.

Those aged 30-40 should get ready for registration as per the Govt announcement vaccination of this age group will start from 16th May, 2021.

For registration send your CNIC to 1166 or visit in the next few days when registration opens, date and center of vaccination will be communicated on the same number. 

How to get vaccination card?

Vaccination card is your documentary proof of vaccination and is required for those intending to travel to countries where it is a mandatory requirement e.g. Umra purpose.

Depending on your vaccine when your vaccination schedule is completed, you can visit and request for electronic certificate via paying Rs.100 fee that can be paid via debit/credit card or visit your nearby nadra center.

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