Central induction July 2021 (CIP)/ Punjab Residency program PRP

 The Specialized health care & medical education dept. Punjab has announced the central induction for post-graduate residents in the public sector hospitals of punjab for the session july 2021, FCPS & MD/MS/MDS programs.

In a welcome change to the previous slow and inefficient induction process, which sometimes lead to residents not getting their registration with the College of Physicians and Surgeons Pakistan, as the last date of RTMC was often overdue.

In the last induction of January 2021 which as usual was past the rtmc registration date, the CPSP gave a one time extension in the registration in the best interest of the residents however with the request to timely complete the process in future.

The application portal for the july 2021 session will open on the 17/05/2021 09:00 am and will remain open till 24/05/21 11:00 pm .

[Update: Prp has revised the application dates, 27/05/21 to 03/06/21]

The portal can be accessed  at prp.phf.gop.pk/

Application fee Rs.1000 is charged for submitting application. Fee can be submitted via challan form at any Bank of Punjab branch.

Now comming over to the frequently asked queries,

1. House job marks will continue to be as the previous policy, the detailed PRP CIP marks policy and merit calulation can be can be read here.  


N.B From 2022 Housejob marks will be given to those who have done in their parent institute whether Public or Private Sector, but this year the previous policy will be carried on.

2. Experience certificates might be an issue as candiates will be required to furnish their experience certificate in the application, hence the experience will only be counted till 17 May 2021 and not the full 6 months till july.

3. Research articles should be published in an impact factor journal only, otherwise it might get rejected as was the case in last induction.

Those interested in the Punjab Residency program july 2021 session are advised to start prepping their documents.

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