New Central Induction Policy for year 2023- PRP Punjab

 The Central Induction Policy is a criterion for selection of post-graduate residents in the govt. hospitals of Punjab. The induction takes place twice a year with selection based on the merit based on the PRP formula,  recent update to the Punjab Residency Program policy was shared by the health department few days back and includes several changes that applicants for the 2021 CIP induction should be aware of.


     CIP 2023 MERIT FORMULA Calculator

      1. MBBS/BDS marks                            {20}

        The total marks achieved during all the professionals are marked against an aggregate of 20.

      2. FCPS /MD/MS/MDS                            {40}

         For FCPS usually total marks are not shared marks are directly communicated to PRP but usually              30 for all passed candidates.
         MD – the total marks are marked against an aggregate of 40.

      3. No. of Attempts                                       {5}

        1 mark for clearing each professional exam in first attempt.
Note: These marks have not been awarded in last 2 inductions, jan 2022 and august 2022.

      4. House job                                                 {5}

        Those candidates who have done their housejob in their parent institute’s affiliated hospital, whether Govt. or private, will receive 5 marks. 2.5 marks for not done at parent institute.

      5. Preference for parent institute              {5}

         This one is for those govt. graduates who apply for residency program in their parent institute, will receive 5 marks. 

       6. Research articles published                   {5}

          Two published articles can get 5 marks. This applies for the first three authors. The research should be published in journals listed in JCR and HJRS. DOI link is a must and needs to be submitted while applying for the CIP induction

       7. Experience & positions                {20} + {5}

          Maximum two distinctions to be counted, 2 points for each distinction
Now instead of distinction only marks will be given for position in university, i.e. one mark each for the first three positions in MBBS and 1.5 marks each for  BDS, and they are awarded in addition to experience marks.
  • BHU/RHC     2.5 for each 3 months, Maximum 2 years counted
  • THQ/Non teaching DHQ’s 1.5 for each 3 months, Maximum 3 years & 4 months counted
  • Teaching Hospitals (tertiary) 1 for each 3 months, Maximum 5 years counted      
This is the proposed induction policy for 2021 CIP PG-Trainee induction in punjab, note that the final/confirmed policy will be shared on the official website of Punjab residency program at, for any query visit their website.

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  1. If someone didn't clear their exams in first attempt. He/she got supply or detention. What will be the marks distribution for him/her . Plz guide

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