PPSC Medical/Women Medical Officer job selection 2021

This post answers some basic queries by the newly graduated doctors about the PPSC health department jobs and its selection process, with more emphasis on the year 2020/21 M.O / W.M.O selection process.

What is PPSC?

Punjab Public Service Commission, is an organization that carries out recruitment for the Punjab govt, when vacancies are available govt dept’s send request to PPSC for recruitment process.

How to apply for PPSC jobs?

You will have to wait for the advertisement that is released in newspapers as well as the official website, upcoming jobs can also be seen on the ppsc website. M.O/W.M.O jobs through PPSC by health department are permanent jobs.

The application process is all online, when slots open you will have to fill in an online form and upload all your required documents and pay the required fee, within the due date.

Later on applicants will be called for test/interview (Usually for health department only interview is conducted).

This is followed by the final recommendations, which are then forwarded to the respective departments for joining process.

M.O/WMO PPSC selection 2020 brief overview:

This years ppsc recruitment is underway, with list of Medical Officers are displayed & Women Medical Officers interviews are ongoing. So what is the process after selection?

Now lists will be sent to Primary & Secondary health department, which will ask you to make an account on their portal and give your acceptance.

When the designated period has passed they will ask for 10 preferences for posting purpose. P&S health department can although post you anywhere in punjab, since the last recruitment they ask for preferences. Choose them wisely, you can search for particular health centers and their location on Primary and secondary health care website, you can choose BHU, RHC, Thq’s and non-teaching Dhq’s, apart from those in Lahore. (BHU, Rhc’s under PHFMC are also not available usually). If you can get information regarding vacant seats in your nearby centers, this will make the process quite easier.

If you are intending to pursue post graduation then try to get a BHU, RHC to get numbers in CIP. But in the last preferences give your most nearby THQ’s or DHQ’s, that being, if there is no seat vacant in any of your preferences, your posting will be at the disposal of P&S health care and they can post you out of your district. Last time though, after asking for online preferences they physically called all the applicants to Lahore Secretariat for final preferences but this time due to Covid restrictions that might not be possible.

Final Posting orders are available online, print that and go to your particular CEO office if your posting is in BHU, RHC or the M.S office of the relevant Thq’s, Dhq’s.

You will have to again submit your documents, have Medical Fitness certificate made, and send your documents & degree for verification through the relevant CEO office.

Take over the charge by signing report and go to your respective center & start your duties.

Pay starting is also a little bit lengthy process, which starts when your Ceo/M.S office receives verification letters of your documents, now these letters, your other documents, original medical fitness certificate and the Accounts Office file per forma filled, needs to be submitted to your district account office.

This whole process takes from 1 to even 6 month’s, depending upon several factors.

Hope this information helps, feel free to ask any questions below.

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