Samsung Galaxy Watch Active 2 ECG feature now approved

ECG or Electrocardiogram is a graph of your heart’s electrical activity, that provides in-depth details about the functioning of the heart. Traditionally performed via a special ECG machine with leads placed on the limbs and chest, called as 12 lead ECG.

With the fame of wearable fitness tracker that came with heart beat, step, distance and exercise tracking, tech firms have been researching to include some vital measurements to their trackers. ECG feature though already available on the apple watch has now been approved by the Health regulatory authority in Korea for Samsung Galaxy Watch Active 2.

Samsung Watch- ECG

 The ECG feature on samsung smart watch uses advanced sensor technology and will enable users to measure and analyze their heart rhythm for irregularities indicating Atrial Fibrillation (AFib)
AFib is the most common abnormal heart rhythm, affecting an estimated 33.5 million people worldwide, with 5 million new patients diagnosed annually. It can significantly increase the risk of complications, including blood clots, heart failure and stroke. Every year, over 16 million people will develop a stroke, of which AFib and high blood pressure (hypertension), are known to be the leading causes, another plus is the Blood Pressure monitoring , though not as reliable as measured by the traditional apparatus, it will be much useful for the general public suffering from hypertension..

The ECG function works by analyzing the heart’s electrical activity via an ECG sensor on the Galaxy . Simply open the Samsung Health Monitor app when you are seated comfortably, and ensure the watch is fitted firmly to your wrist. Next, rest your forearm on a flat surface and lightly place a fingertip from the opposite hand on the top button on the Galaxy Watch Active 2 for 30 seconds. The app will then measure your heart rate and rhythm, which will be classified as either a Sinus Rhythm (a normal, regular heartbeat) or AFib (when the heart beats irregularly).

This recording will provide insight into a user’s health, enabling them to share results with their doctor to help make more informed decisions and live healthier life, especially when combined with the BP measurement.

It is to be noted that this ECG is a single lead ECG, which has its own limitations regarding interpreting heart conditions and is not a complete replacement for the usual 12 lead ECG that is a critical diagnostic tool.

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  1. beside Samsung is officially in Pak this Ecg and BP feature is still locked in here and i along with 1000s others cannot use it in Pak. hope samsung pak takes approval from health authority.

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