AERI the reusable see through self sterilizing n95 mask

The Covid-19 pandemic has changed the norms of society for better or worse, physical as well as digital aspects, the most prominent being the Face Mask.

Face mask has been proved by WHO to considerably reduce the spread of respiratory viruses. This  change has also led to headaches for Phone manufacturers & facial identity services.

Here comes HUAMI, a subsidiary of the Chinese tech giant Xiaomi, reportedly the company is manufacturing masks for protection against coronavirus it has revealed that it is developing a see-through self-disinfecting mask, named Aeri.

The mask will also have built-in ultraviolet lights with the capability of disinfecting filters within 10 minutes when connected to a power supply through a USB port. On the outside though users will have to clean in themselves.

Coming over to the practical aspect, the filter used will be N95 spec, that will ensure adequate protection from airborne virus like the Corona Virus, and these will last for a month and a half, that’s a huge plus as current disposable N95 masks just last for about 8 hours and can’t be safely disinfected.

The Aeri as is name suggests will make breathing through the mask effortless due to inbuilt air fans. Best of all it will let each other see their faces.

Keep your fingers crossed for the next announcement related to its availability.

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