PMC/PMDC recognized foreign post-graduate qualifications

 Pakistan Medical Commission (Pakistan Medical & Dental Council) has finally updated their list of foreign post-graduate qualifications that are eligible to be registered in the specialist register and allow the degree holder to practice as a consultant in Pakistan.

PMC/ PMDC doesn’t recognize the medical qualifications from all countries, we will share a brief list of countries with recognized post-graduate qualifications. Whether you are working in a foreign country, planning to settle in Pakistan or want to pursue a foreign qualification, this list will help you find whether the degree is recognized here or not.

  • United States of America
          Diplomat American boards (all specialities)
  • United Kingdom
         MRC PSHY
         CCT (Cardiology & Neurology)
         MRC EM
  • Australia
         FRCPA Pathology
         FAFPHM Public Health
  • Canada 
         FRCPS (All major specialities)
  • Europe 

          European diplomas (various specialities)

  • China

         MD / MS (in specific specialities)

  • Ireland


  • Germany

         Certificate of completion in training (Medicine/Surgery/Peads/Gyne/Anesthesia)

  • Saudi Arabia

      Fellowship (in several specialities)

  • Iran

      Specialty degree (various specialities)

  • Malaysia

       Master’s or Doctor in specified specialities

  • Ukraine

      Clinical Ordinatura (various specialities)

  • Uzbekistan

       Master of surgery traumatology & orthopedics

Above is a brief overview of the various foreign specialist degree’s recognized currently by Pakistan Medical Commission, for detailed list or finding a specific degree visit

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