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 UpToDate, a product of Uptodate inc. by Wolters Kluwer, is an evidence based clinical resource for medical professionals. It differs from conventional clinical support resources, as it’s an online resource available on website and as mobile applications (offline access also available), articles are peer-reviewed and frequently updated incorporating the latest guidelines and research outcomes. Currently, around 25 specialities are covered along with about 12000 topics available along with treatment algorithms, drug information, patient information and several calculators. 

The mobile application is available for both Android and iPhone, and is equally beneficial for both consultants and resident doctors as a quick point of care clinical decision resource.

Uptodate is a paid resource requiring a subscription for access, Access to UpToDate requires a subscription, which can be purchased by individuals, clinics, or hospitals. However, there are several ways to access UpToDate for free:

  • Some academic institutions and medical libraries have a subscription to UpToDate and provide access to their students, faculty and staff.
  • Some hospitals and clinics have a institutional subscription of UpToDate, so the access to the service is available for their employees.
  • Some professional societies and organizations have a partnership with UpToDate and offer free access to their members.
  • Some health insurance companies also offer free access to UpToDate for their members.

Here we will share how to get completely free access of UpTodate for both web and mobile with offline access.

The free access is available to doctors worldwide except the USA, is offered by the Harvard University Global Health Delivery project [Better Evidence] that aims to provide access to Clinical resources to Health professionals in developing countries. 

Eligibility of the program is as follows:

Be a physician, surgeon, nurse, physician’s assistant, or medical student outside of the United States.

Volunteer/work for a public or non-profit entity. Have at least intermittent internet access.Be able to complete the application in English.

Explain how their work directly aligns with our program aim. Verify that neither they nor their institution can afford UpToDate.

How to apply for free access to Uptodate:

Visit Better Evidence site at    visit here

If you are eligible according to the above-mentioned criteria, head over to begin application button and fill up a form will take only around 10–15 mins.

The details required are biodata, your current designation, how many patients you see each week, place of work & its detail whether it’s non-profit or for profit, which facilities are available, patients it caters. How you intend to utilize the Uptodate in your clinical practice, etc.

After submitting the form, your application will be reviewed which may take some weeks and will be provided free access to Uptodate for the whole year.


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30 thoughts on “Get Uptodate subscription for free – Full access Web & Mobile”

  1. I'm Dr kamal saud from Nepal working in a remote hospital ….I can't afford to pay for uptodate pleaae kindly provide free subscription of uptodate for 1 year.
    Thankful to you.

  2. I am Dr Dimuthu from Sri Lanka working at remote hospital with lack of facilities.I found it is difficult to pay for Uptodate.Please kindly provide Free subscription of Uptodate for One Year.

  3. IAM dr.Ummey Salma Shorna and I'm from Bangladesh. I can't afford to pay for uptodate.please provide free subscription for me for 1 year.

  4. Im Dr. Ishara dissanayaka from sri lanka. I cant afford to pay for uptodate and im working in ahospital with no good facilities. Can u please free subscribe uptodate account for me for 1year.thank you

  5. Hi dear, this blog is not affiliated to uptodate, we have shared the procedure to get free access, kindly read and apply in the program as written above.

  6. Im Dr. Youseff sefaw from Libya . I cant afford to pay for uptodate and im working in Tripoli children hospital with no good facilities. Can u please free subscribe uptodate account for me for 1year.thank you

  7. im dr mariam from pakistan ,i cant afford to pay for up to date and need free access can you subscribe upto date for 5 months

  8. As per my knowledge anyone outside Usa can apply, if working for nonprofit, though you can contact Better evidence directly regarding your country

  9. I Dr manoj yadav from Nepal working at one of very remote places with not available much resources..I can't afford for could you please provide it for me free of cost…

  10. dear dr, please follow the above mentioned guide you will get it for free, you have to apply in the program, i have no affiliation with the uptodate program.

  11. I am doctor working in India. I work for govt hospital which is for poor people totally free for patients.we don't generate any profit from hospital and daily deals with 100patients in various specialities.if you could provide free acsess

  12. i was graduated from med school in 2019.After that i couldn't complete my clinical experience due to an accident and fractures. I can't afford expenses but i need to update myself and collect CPDs. Could you please provide me free access.

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