CPSP updated re-registration rules for change of supervisor / Hospital 2021

 This post will shed some light onto some recent updates to the CPSP re-registration rules regarding change of supervisor or Hospital as per the notification published on 08th march 2021.

What is Re-Registration?

Re-registration is a process by which a post-graduate resident of FCPS/MCPS program can request cpsp RTMC department to allow changing their supervisor or Hospital.

Application for re-registrations are received twice a year, now cpsp has updated its rules and made the process more complex requiring valid reason along with approval from several authorities.

Salient updates to the re-registration rules are as follows

  • Re-registration will only be allowed in december, january and june, july.
  • Residents will be allowed only one time to change their supervisor/institution.
  • Special conditions in which cpsp considers application
      Natural disasters, Physical disability, life threats, higher training opportunities, transfer promotions by govt or special forces, death or retirement of supervisor.

How To apply for re-registration?
You will require the following:
  • Application with valid reason
  • Consent from both supervisor & head of institution
  • Consent from cpsp regional director
  • Consent from health department if applicable
  • RTMC certificate
  • FCPS 1 pass letter
  • An affidavit stating you will not seek further re-registration in future

Send the above mentioned scanned documents to nrp@cpsp.edu.pk 

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  1. What is previous supervisor left the institution or retired and then we automatically have to given under next supervisor would that count and change of supervisor or if I change supervisor according to my reason would that count on behalf and that will consider 1????

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