CPSP rotational training registration process explained

 CPSP FCPS training program consists of core training and rotational training. Core training is done in the primary speciality, during the core training the residents undergo 2-3 months rotational training in other relevant specialities according to their fellowship program.

E.g. in Medicine & Allied, a trainee will do first 2 years training in the medical ward, during these 2 years he will also have to undergo mandatory rotational training in allied fields depending upon their group e.g. cardiology/ gastroenterology/ Pulmonology etc.

To know the exact number and duration of your rotations you can consult your speciality prospectus or contact CPSP  RTMC section by email or phone directly.

Rotational training can be done anytime during the initial 2 years for pre-imm rotations and in the last 2-3 years in general/sub-speciality training, depending on your supervisor & department. 

It must be again emphasized that you should undergo rotations as per the most recent cpsp guidelines for your speciality, because you will have to show rotational experience at the time of applying for exams and RTMC  re-registration.

How to Apply for CPSP rotational training:

CPSP as of  May 26, 2021, notification (CPSP/R&RC/2021/5-26) changed the procedure of applying for rotational training, previously you had to manually fill the rotational training form and  email the relevant documents to cpsp for rotation registration.

Now onwards, manual Rotation registration form has been replaced with online form that is available on the CPSP e-portal/ e-logbook.

1. To apply for rotational training, login to your cpsp e-portal account.

2. On the dashboard, open the R&RC section.

3. Open rotations

4. Here you will see your rotations status and any previous rotations done, now select                             New Rotation-Step 1.

5. Here you will see your biodata, fill in your rotation start and end dates, rotation speciality, country, institute and your rotation supervisor and submit.

6. This completes your step 1, you will have the pdf of step 1 printed and follow the accompanied instructions and the required documents, generally you will get the form signed by your main supervisor and rotational supervisor. 

Appointment letter by institute of your rotational training.

Joining letter from the department.

7. Gather all the required documents as per the requirement and upload to complete Step-2.

8. You will receive your rtmc registration certificate for your rotational training on the same portal.

Hopefully this clears your queries regarding cpsp fcps rotational training registration, please direct any issues with the process directly to CPSP, this article is just for guidance/information, cpsp may modify the process from time to time, ensure you follow their latest guidelines.

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