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 Today we bring another most requested guide about free medical resources for the health professionals throughout the world. The rapid pace of clinical developments and multiple guidelines have made it challenging to keep pace with the new knowledge along-with the clinical demands and hectic routines. Several tools have been made to assist physicians in clinical decision-making, among them, one of the is “Dyna Med”.


DYNA MED a product of EBSCO Industries, provides updated, and accurate evidence based clinical information for supporting clinicians decision-making. The content is reviewed by a multidisciplinary team that reviews and updates content frequently based on the research, guidelines etc in multiple specialities. Henceforth, it provides actionable recommendations and key takeaway points for each topic.


Dyna med describes their approach as“ Evidence-based methodology and literature surveillance, combined with clinical expertise to both complement and clarify the information which guides practice.”


Along-with the clinical knowledge, it also caters to the CME & MOC needs. It can be accessed via the online site and the accompanying mobile apps as well, for reading on the go.


How to get DYNA MED free access in the USA, UK & worldwide

Although Dyna med is a paid resource, you can get free access by a number of ways, allowing you access to the dyna med website as well as the mobile application.


The first method is via the ACP, the American College of Physicians USA membership gives you free access to the DYNA med. In case you are already a member, you can access dyna med with your acp credentials and will get free access to all content.

But if you don’t have the acp membership, you will first have to sign up at ACP website ( though membership also has yearly charges but if you are not interested in getting the paid membership you can sign up as medical student at ACP which is free of charge and includes free access to the Dyna MED.


Second method applies to those doctors based in developing countries, they can directly apply to DYNA Med for free access via The Health Internetwork Access to Research Initiative (HINARI) effort which aims to provide clinical support tools to doctors in developing countries. To apply in the program, you will have to email your details and brief biodata along-with request for free access at [email protected]


The third method is via the institutional access, if you are working in a health care center which has arrangements for institutional access, you can ask your library about dyna med access, if they do have, you can access dyna med for free via your hospital's internet network.


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Hope you find this resource helpful, please note neither nor any authors are affiliated with dyna med or any other organization, this article is just for information purpose. Don’t contact us for account access etc, though we welcome our readers to provide feedback or add on if they have any updates in the comment box below.




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