USMLE step 1 passing marks increased from 2022

 The USMLE is the medical licensing exam required to enter medical system in the USA. During a recent review by the USMLE managment committee it was decided that from the year 2022 the USMLE step 1 exam results would only state Pass or Fail, the previously used 3 number system for scoring will no longer be applicable.

The transition from the numerical scoring system to pass/fail system will begin from Jaunuary 26, 2022. It is to be noted that exam reports and transcripts on or before 25th january will show both, the score and pass/fail status, but afterwards only pass/fail status will be available on the score reports and the transcripts.

Example pass result – USMLE step 1

In the last USMLE management committee review in december 2021, the committe has now decided to increase the passing marks of USMLE step one exam by 2 points, to declare the pass/fail status (i.e. on the current numerical scale the passing marks would increase from 194 to 196) this would apply to exams taken on 26 january 2022 or afterwards.

The Review board considers this part of improvement process, after extensive evaluation and feedback by multiple bodies, to ensure the score is consistent with with expectations of level of knowledge and skills required for medical practise.


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