The CPSP MTI UK & Ireland scholarship program complete guide

 The College of Physicians and Surgeons Pakistan, one of the
post-graduate training bodies in Pakistan that offers several post-graduation
diplomas to medical professionals pursing specialization.

In Pakistan, the college has affiliated hospitals which provide
training under cpsp approved supervisors, while the body itself conducts the
entry and exit exams as well as workshops and training monitoring.


CPSP MTI UK & Ireland international fellowship

During the past several years, the cpsp has forged a working relationship with several healthcare bodies, amongst them;

  • Royal Colleges & GMC UK
  • HSE Ireland

The partnership with these health bodies of the United Kingdom
and the Republic of Ireland allows cpsp to send its trainee doctors in Pakistan
for 2 year placement in the selected teaching hospitals in the UK and Ireland.

This international training placement is sponsored by the CPSP
and trainees are provided with a stipend to spend 2 years of their training in
international centres, in order to experience healthcare in first world
countries and to learn skills which could in turn lead to the professional
development as well as uplift the health care in Pakistan in the long run.

There are two types of international training fellowships

  • .      
    Junior fellow:


  •  Senior fellow:

               Post FCPS


How to find the MTI UK & Ireland fellowship placements:

The CPSP MTI fellowships are announced by cpsp itself on
their website, usually twice a year in around November/December and June-July
each year.

You will have to follow the cpsp website to look out for
them, as the application portal opens up for around 2-3 weeks only.

An important thing to consider is that this program is
different from the MTI UK program sponsored by the Royal colleges of the UK.


Requirements for the CPSP MTI program:

So this is the most significant area to understand in order to
successfully proceed with this pathway.

  • First one is the ENGLISH language competency:

Both ILETS and OET are acceptable. But the utmost thing to
note is that you must have the result with the required bands or grade,
respectively, with you at the time you are applying for the position. Previously
CPSP used to accept applications provisionally along-with the ilets/oet exam
booking reference but since last few years they categorically state that ilets/oet
result needs to be attached with the application.


  • Second is the Experience:

For the junior fellow position, you must have the 2 years pre-imm
experience along with IMM passing certificate. (You need to pass IMM in order
to apply for the junior fellow position).

For Senior Fellow, you need to have passed your FCPS 2 exam &
are in good standing with CPSP.


The application process for MTI UK & Ireland program:

Once the positions are announced by the cpsp, they open up
the application portal on cpsp website for a limited time, the application is
all online, you have to fill in your biodata, medical experience, job experience
and attach relevant documents etc along-with the ilets/oet result and submit.


Which specialty seats are offered in the MTI program:

Multiple specialties are offered by the MTI program each
year, depending upon the Hospital, fellowship type i.e. junior or senior

  • Acute
  • General
  • General
  • Orthopedic
  • Gynaecology
    & Obstetric
  • Cardiology
  • Gastroenterology
  • Respiratory
  • Haematology
  • Critical
  • Anaesthesia
  • Emergency
  • Ophthalmology
  • Paediatrics
  • Psychiatry



The selection process:

Once application is submitted, it might take around 6 months
till you start working. CPSP will arrange interviews at their regional centers
in Pakistan, the interview and the further selection process in done mutually
by the CPSP and the teams from UK & IRELAND. These days, interviews are done
online due to the covid restrictions.

The applications are vetted after the last date and
shortlisting is done, only shortlisted candidates are called for the interview.

After the interviews, successful candidates are offered job
offers and necessary guidance about the visa and GMC registration.

It should be noted that seats are limited in each specialist,
approximately 2-3 seats in each program offered.


How much does the fellowship program in UK & Ireland pay:

The pay varies by the fellowship type,

Junior fellows get ~ 2700 GBP.

Senior fellows get ~ 3200 GBP.

The salary is enough for comfortable living, and you can
expect to save incase you don’t have any other commitments.

There might be the option of locums in the same hospital, if
your TRUST and contract allows, by which you might increase your income.


What about the visa for the MTI UK & Ireland program:

The visa is tier 5 visa, which is a mutual government exchange
visa, for a period of 2 years. This visa is not extendable and you have to
return to your country after completing the tenure. There are some other
limitations too e.g. you can’t switch jobs on this visa as this visa is
sponsored by the Hospital. Also your stay in the UK on this visa is not counted
for residency/citizenship duration.

The requirements for the UK tier 5 visa are:

  •        Sponsorship letter from the organization.
  •          Health surcharge – which allows you access to
    National health care services. Costs around 634 GBP per year
  •          Evidence of personal savings (bank statement) at
    least 1270 GBP, that should be available for at least 28 days in a row. With
    the day 28 must be within 31 days of applying for this visa. Unless your contract
    covers your first month’s cost.
  •       Tuberculosis test.

The fee for the visa application is around 244 GBP.  In case there are dependents with you each
will need separate application fee and health surcharge fee.

You can apply 3 months before the starting date and can
enter 14 days before in UK.

Some of the relaxations offered in this visa are:

  •          To bring your wife & children with you if
  •          You can only switch to global talent visa if
  •          Do a second job upto 20 hours a week
  •          Study

Things you can’t do:

  •         Do any permanent job
  •         Get public funds


GMC/ IMC registration:

The MTI program will sponsor your medical license in the UK
or Ireland, you don’t have to clear any licensing exam. The license is full
license for medical practice, and reportedly you can keep it even afterwards if
you continue the yearly validations and fees.

We will share the GMC registration process in a future post.

Read more about Medical council Ireland registration here

Read more about Australian medical council license for FMGS


Final words

The CPSP MTI scheme is a one off program that allows you to
work in the western health care system and experience their health care, practice
guidelines, approach and to boost your skill set. Apart from that, the exemption
of licensing exam is an added bonus. The pay, though not exceptional but is
enough to cover your cost of living easily. You can also appear in the UK or Ireland
post-graduate exams e.g. MRCP UK.

There are some drawbacks too, the time duration 2 years is
not extendable & you need to return to your country for at least one
year, (the cpsp and UK authorities are very serious on this some trainees have
faced serious consequences for not following this rule, candidates have to sign
an affidavit that they will return to their respective countries after the
completion of the program).

There are also some reservations about lack of hands on
procedures/surgeries compared to what you can get in Pakistan. As you work
there on a junior level i.e. SHO as junior fellow and registrar as senior fellow.




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  1. Its a good opportunity but the downsides are that you have to return after 2 years and the visa doesn't count for in terms of indefinite stay or residency.
    Specicialities with procedure are a bit at disadvantage because of lack of hands on given in the uk system

  2. What about posts in General Surgery, the candidates who are done with FCPS and needs to go for Super Speciality like breast, colorectal, upper GI or Endocrine ???

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