How to apply for Extra-ordinary Leave for study / post graduation in Punjab 2022-2023 Pakistan

 Government employees intending to avail leave for an extended period have to apply for this specific type of leave under the Civil servants leave rules of the Govt Of Punjab. Here we will share details on how to apply for the said leave, the rules and regulations covering this and the duration it be obtained for.

What  is Extra Ordinary Leave (EOL) in Pakistan?

Extraordinary leave is a special leave for extended period that is sanctioned without pay, i.e. the employee doesn’t get any salary for the duration of his leave, but his seat is secured. The official Civil Servant leave rules state that;
“(1) Extra-ordinary leave may be allowed on any ground upto a
maximum of five years at a time provided the civil servant to whom such leave is granted has
been in Leave continuous service for a period of not less than ten years, and in case if a civil
servant has not completed ten years of regular service extraordinary leave for a maximum
period of two years may be granted at the disposal of the relevant authority.
Provided that the maximum period of five years shall be reduced by the period of leave on full
pay or half pay, if granted in combination with the extra-ordinary leave.
 (2) Extra-ordinary leave may be granted retrospectively in lieu of absence without leave. 
(3) All extra-ordinary leave shall be without pay

(4) EOL for post-graduation purpose can be obtained any time, there is no requirement of prior service and can be availed for the duration of the training.

How to apply for EOL?

For simplicity of this article, we will focus on EOL for training purpose.EOL can be obtained for training purpose anytime, there is no service requirement. 
First you need selection/admission in a postgraduate program e.g. FCPS/MD/MS, give your joining in the training institute and gather the following documents:
-Offer letter
-Training registration certificate i.e. RTMC or its form/fee slip.
-Training continuation certificate from the training institute
Meanwhile, you should intimate to your workplace that you have been selected in the training program, so they can manage the rota and avoid disruption in service, but you don’t need permission from any M.S/CEO in order to join training.
Now write an application to secretary health department, Lahore stating you have been selected in training program hence require EOL for training purpose.
Along with, you need an affidavit (specimen can be found with your local clerk) stating you will join back your parent department after completion of your training and serve in the same for the duration of training.
If you are working in THQ/DHQ hospital, you can submit the application and your relevant documents to the M.S for forwarding to health department.
For those in BHU/RHC get the application recommended by your facility in charge and submit to your CEO health office.
Usually the local administration will forward your application to the health deparTment themselves, but you can’t track the application process, a second approach is to get the forwarding letter of your local health administration M.S/ CEO health etc and submit the application at HISDU Primary and Secondary Lahore by yourself. By this way, you are provided a tracking number which you can reference to in case of need.
The EOL application once submitted can take several months to be approved and orders for EOL uploaded to P&S website orders section, you can search for your orders by entering your cnic and the relevant section.
Meanwhile, you can focus on your training, keep track of your orders off/on, but there is no urgent need to get orders immediately.
Initially, the Leave is sanctioned for a period of two years, after which you have to apply for EOL extension each year.

How to apply for EOL Extension?

After availing EOL for 2 years, you need to apply again for EOL extension, 
you need the following documents, along with a handwritten application
– Previous EOL orders
– Certificate from your training hospital, specifying continued training and the previous training experience
Go to Hisdu primary and secondary healthcare, Lahore and submit your application, thats it.
EOL extension is granted for a one-year period, following which the same process needs to be repeated.
After submission to HISDU you get tracking number as well as text message notifications when your application is submitted/approved/orders uploaded.
This was a brief overview of the EOL, application process and how to extend. Write in comments for any suggestions.
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