How to get medical certificate for driving license in Pakistan


Medical certificate is a requirement for getting a new driving
license in Pakistan or at the time of renewal of driving license. Driving
requires a person to be medically fit and be aware of and able to respond and
make decisions while on the road. Medical examination is conducted in almost
all countries to assess for medical fitness in order to drive. There are several
medical conditions that can adversely affect a person’s ability to drive or
ensure safety of himself and fellow passenger, as well as road users.


Medical certificate for driving license online pakistan


What medical conditions affect the ability to

Several medical conditions can affect your ability to drive
e.g., uncorrected eyesight, cataract, epilepsy, unstable angina, stroke, Parkinson’s
disease, Motor Neuron disease.

Vertigo, dizziness.

Respiratory issues, e.g., Obstructive sleep apnea.

Psychiatric disorders etc.


How can I get medical certificate for driving licence in

The medical certificate form (available here) is required to
be filled by the registered doctor from one of the district headquarter
hospital of the city.

The applicant takes the form to his DHQ or Allied Hospitals of
the city, usually hospitals have made dedicated sections to cater to medical
certificate issuance, along with that they might charge a fee for the medical
exam, first an eyesight exam is conducted where the applicant is asked
to read letter/figures from a fixed distance and his eyesight is assessed. Followed
by a colour exam where colour sight is assessed by asking the applicant to read
coloured numbers made out of patterns of different colours called ishihara test.

Medical certificate for driving license online pakistan


Subsequently, a medical officer will ask and fill out the form
and will assess for any past or present illnesses that can impair one’s ability
to drive, e.g. any uncorrected eyesight, heart or lung issue, deafness, any
body-deformity and use/influence of any drugs.


Medical certificate for driving license online pakistan


When the doctor has concluded that the licensee is physically
and medically fit to operate a motor vehicle, he or she issues a full medical
certificate in the required format that reflects their conclusions and sign it with
their credentials.


Who can issue medical certificate for driving license in

Although medical certificate can be issues by any doctor
registered with the Pakistan Medical commission, however, for the purpose of Driving
license, medical certificates can be only issued by registered medical practitioners
often in the dhq’s and Govt. teaching institutes only. Depending on the
district health authority they may or may not allow private doctors to issue
such licenses. For clarification about who can issue you medical certificate,
contact your regional license branch.

What is Medical fitness certificate for driving license?

Medical fitness certificate for the purpose of driving license
is an additional requirement for obtaining driving license in Pakistan for those
aged 50 and above. The medical fitness certificate is issues after physical assessment
by a doctor that a person is fit enough to drive or are there any medical
issues that hamper the applicant’s ability to drive safely. Medical fitness
certificates are issued at DHQ & Allied teaching hospitals in all major


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