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Recently, the CPSP Pakistan has announced positions for Pakistani FCPS residents to complete their 2 years training in Ireland in partnership with HSE IRELAND. This opportunity allows trainees to move to Ireland for 2 years and experience Irish healthcare system, meanwhile, this period is recognized by cpsp towards the FCPS training. As part of the program, trainees are required to come back to Pakistan after the 2 years period is complete and can’t go back at-least for a year.


Ireland sho registrar medical officer locum jobs

The specialities open for application are as follows:

  •  1. Anaesthesiology
  • 2. Emergency Medicine
  • 3. General Medicine
  • 4. General Paediatrics
  • 5. General Surgery
  • 6. Obstetrics and Gynaecology
  • 7. Ophthalmology
  • 8. Psychiatry
  • 9. Trauma and Orthopedic Surgery.


Requirements for Irish international training fellowship selection:

·         Have completed 2 years training in their respective speciality

·         Passed the IMM examination

·         Have OET/Ilets with the required score (this time cpsp has allowed to enter proof of booking the test at the application time, however during interview result will be required)

·         Have registration with PMC, and housejob with minimum 3 months in medicine and 3 months in general surgery


Shortlisting/Interview process

The application can be filled online and needs to be submitted before the 30 September 2022, along with the required documents.

After initial vetting of applications & shortlisting, the next phase is the interviews, which will be held between 28 November – 9 December 2022.

Interviews are conducted in cpsp regional centers and the panel includes the cpsp as well as the Irish team, during the interview candidate's English language communication is also gauged.

The final selection letters will be issued by the end of December 2022.


Joining as IMG trainee in Ireland

The session will start from July 2023, the selected doctors are provided funds for return travel and registration with the Irish medical council and one week’s accommodation, following which the salary/stipend will be given as per the local HSE framework.


There might be additional documentary/ procedure to follow post selection, e.g. candidates need to provided police clearance certificate.

Have a valid passport with 12 months validity at-least.

Documents e.g. Medical diploma and house job experience certificate needs to be verified by EPIC.


Life as an International medical graduate trainee

Once in Ireland, trainees are allotted clinical supervisors who assist them in their training requirements as well as provide oversight. The programs apart from providing training also offer professional and skill building courses, workshops access and opportunity to participate in symposia and continued medical education. Henceforth, it’s a one-off opportunity to complete the fcps training as well as work in advanced health centers at the same time, and bring back the much-needed foreign experience to excel the health care provision and professional development.


Read more on Irish Medical Council registration – Step by Step – on Press exemption basis

Read more on EPIC account creation and document verification.

Read more on How to Prepare for OET

More on CPSP-MTI UK and Ireland program here



Frequently asked queries:

·         Is any entrance exam (press) required for Irish Medical Council registration:

          No if you have done housejob in Pakistan after 2009, and your rotations are as per IMC criteria i.e. 3 months medicine, 3 months surgery, rest allied. You can proceed with registration based on experience basis. This applies even if you apply independently of the CPSP program


·         What about other nationals e.g. Indians applying for Irish medical council registration:

      This CPSP-HSE program is for Pakistani post-graduate trainees currently undergoing training in Pakistan.

   Irish medical council gives exemption on experience basis to Pakistan, UK, Malaysia, Sudan, Malta, Australia and Newzeland, other IMGS need to pass the PRESS exam or apply based on post-graduate qualifications if approved.

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