How to Pay PPSC Fee Quickly and Easily Online

PPSC online fee payment guide step by step 

The Punjab Public Service Commission (PPSC) in Pakistan is a government agency responsible for recruiting and selecting candidates for civil service positions in the Pakistani province of Punjab. The PPSC conducts competitive exams to select candidates for various positions in the provincial government, including the Punjab Administrative Service, the Punjab Police Service, and the Punjab Education Service, among others.

To apply for a position with the PPSC in Pakistan, candidates must meet the eligibility criteria and submit an application through the PPSC’s website or through a designated testing service center. The PPSC publishes notifications for available positions and details of the selection process on its website and in local newspapers.

Paying your PPSC fee online doesn’t have to be complicated. With this step-by-step guide, you’ll be able to make a payment quickly and easily, maintain accuracy, and ensure your payments are processed without any issues.

Create Your PPSC Account.

Before you can make a payment online, you’ll need to create a PPSC account. This will require you to provide some personal information such as your name, address, phone number, and email address. Once these steps have been completed, you’ll be able to create a username and password for your account. With this information in hand, you’ll be ready to start the payment process!

Fee payment for applying for PPSC jobs used to be quite a hassle, a payment voucher had to be manually filled in the National Bank of Pakistan branches, along with the headache to write all the details and sections on the payment challan manually. Finally, to stand in a long queue and wait for your turn to pay the fee.

Fortunately, things have improved quite a lot with online payment on PPSC fee, we will share details on how to pay your PPSC fee online below.

Online payment methods for PPSC fee

There are several methods by which you can pay your fee online, from the very comfort of your home

Choose How You Want to Pay. 

  1. ATMs
  2. Mobile Phone Banking (Jazz Cash, Easy Paisa, U Paisa and Banking Mobile Applications)
  3. Internet Banking
  4. Over the counter (OTC)
With instant payment of the fee, you will receive an instant notification in the mobile application (SMS/Email). Applicants can receive several alerts such as fee due and fee paid, as well as view the transaction history for each fee paid.
Applicants will get an acknowledgement of payment as soon as the fees are paid. The receipt for the paid fee will be created instantly with the help of Online Fee Collection.
Applicants receive their receipts by text message and email (SMS, Email, PDF Receipt).
There will be no restrictions on paying the bill during working hours; applicants can pay the charge 24 hours a day, seven days a week, and the payment will be completely secured. Applicants can view information regarding the status of their transactions.

Steps to pay your PPSC fee online

In order to pay your PPSC fee online, you need any of the banking or mobile wallet apps as mentioned in the previous section, follow the steps below to pay your ppsc fee online:
1.  Get your PSID (this is a 17 digit payment reference number) for a specific Case Number / Post while applying online from the PPSC website to deposit fees online.
2. Head over to your favourite banking/payment app, go to the bill payment section
3. Under the payment section, select GoPb as the biller and enter your PSID, obtained from the step 1
4. Submit the mentioned fee, you can cross-check the fee on the PPSC website
5. Do not pay extra charges while paying the fee.
6. Make sure your Mobile Number and Email Address are valid as your Mobile number and
email address are not allowed to change.
7. Receive payment confirmation in your email and SMS
That’s it your payment is made no need to go to bank branch physically or stand in long lines, save your receipt and keep it along with your other relevant application documents.

Review and Submit Your Payment Information.

Before submitting your payment, review all the information you’ve provided to make sure everything is correct. Check the amount, date, and payment method you have selected to ensure accuracy. Once you have done a final check of your information, submit the payment for processing. Make sure that you keep all paperwork relating to your payment for future reference in case there are any questions or issues that come up!

Confirm Your Payment was Successful.

After submitting your payment, make sure you receive confirmation that it has gone through successfully. Different payment systems may provide different types of confirmations. If you are using an online system, look for a confirmation page that indicates the successful processing of your payment as well as any additional paperwork or records related to your transaction. For any other forms of payment, look for receipts or some other record that confirms your payment was received and processed appropriately.
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