Punjab residency program July 2022 induction CIP PRP

 The Punjab Residency program oversees the induction of doctors in the post-graduation training in government hospitals of punjab. The induction is done systematically under the Central induction policy promulgated by the provincial government, the policy outlines the selection criteria for the specialist training in both the FCPS and MD/MS programs.

Read about the January 2023 CIP induction here

The residency program invites applications twice a year, first in December-January and second in July-August.

The central induction policy has received several updates during the last few years regarding the merit criteria for allotting numbers.

The salient features of the July 2022 CIP are as follows:

  • Total Marks will be 100

  •  Educational: Max 20 marks can be obtained for your MBBS numbers ( this includes Islamiat and Pakistan Studies)
  • FCPS part -1 : 30 marks out of 40 for each candidate, for JCAT the obatined marks will be given against a total of 40. 

  •  Housejob: The current policy allots 5 marks for doing housejob in your parent institute whether public or private, otherwise 2.5 marks are given  if done from another institute.
  • Research: This has become a bit difficult since PRP now requires articles to be published in well reputed journals, that should be in the HEC or JCR recognized list. 

                    Maximum 2 articles can be submitted with numbers allotted to first 3 authors, 2.5 marks for each article. 

  •  Experience & distinctions- 20 marks: BHU & RHC; 2.5 marks for 3 months, THQ and Non-teaching dhq: 1.5 mark for each 3 months, Teritary care 1 mark for each 3 months. 

                    For distinctions, maximum 2 will be counted with 2.5 marks for each

    • Parent institute: 5 marks given if parent institute preferred.               


This is a quick recap of the Central induction policy for July 2022 induction, you can calculate your scores from the above mentioned formula.


Punjab Residency Program Central Induction
Portal will be open from 11:00 am on 07-July-2022 to 15-July-2022 till 05:00 pm.
Application processing fee is Rs.1000.

Application process for CIP PUNJAB PRP JULY INDUCTION

The procedure for applying in the residency program is via the online application form at the PRP website http://prp.phf.gop.pk/
Meanwhile, applicants should have their following documents scanned in order to proceed with the application process
  1. CNIC -front and back 
  2. MBBS degree
  3. PMC certificate
  4. DETAILED Mark Sheets
  5. Distinction certificates
  6. Matriculation certificates
  7. Profile image
  8. Domicile certificate
  9. Work experience, including housejob
  10. DOI url of research articles
Once the portal is open,create an account, fill up the required information, upload the above-mentioned documents and submit an appropriate application fee.
Finally, the most important task is to carefully mention your priority list for the specialities and institutes you want to prefer.
Keep track of the closing date once application is submitted and follow the announcements at prp website, once list is announced candidates are required to give online consent within a short period.
Source: PRP
N.b: Please note that the above-mentioned information is as per the current publicly available policy, as government polices are always liable to change, please consult prp if you have any queries.
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