How to apply for PMC/ PMDC Good Standing Certificate

Complete guide on how to get PMC/ PMDC Good Standing Certificate (CGS) in 2023

A good standing certificate for a medical professional is a document that verifies that the individual is licensed to practice medicine and that their license is in good standing. This certificate may be required in certain situations, such as when a medical professional is applying for a job or seeking to practice medicine in a different country.
In order to obtain a good standing certificate, a medical professional may need to submit a request to the relevant regulatory body, such as a medical board or licensing agency. The regulatory body will then verify the individual’s license and confirm that it is valid and in good standing.
The specific requirements for obtaining a good standing certificate may vary depending on the country and regulatory body in question. It is important for medical professionals to understand the requirements in their jurisdiction and to ensure that they meet all necessary criteria in order to maintain their good standing.

Steps to apply for PMC/PMDC good standing certificate

Are you a medical professional looking to apply for a good standing certificate from the Pakistan Medical Council (PMC)? This certificate is an important document that verifies your license to practice medicine in Pakistan and confirms that your license is in good standing. In this article, we will provide a step-by-step guide on how to apply for a good standing certificate from the PMC. We will cover the documents you need to provide, the application process, and any fees that may be required. Stay up-to-date on the latest requirements and ensure that you meet all necessary criteria in order to maintain your good standing with the PMC
  1.  Sign up at (if not already done) and log-in to your account
  2. You should be registered with PMC and have valid full medical license in order to apply for the Certificate of Good standing (CGS)
  3. Once logged in you will see the online application for Good standing certificate.
  4. Fill in your bio-data
  5. Provide details about the regulator for which the CGS is required, you should have the name, email and address of the foreign regulator ready. 
  6. Prior to applying, find out from your foreign regulator how they require the good standing certificate be delivered, GMC UK and Irish medical council now accept CGS sent to their email directly via PMC. Yet, some middle eastern countries require the CGS to be sent by post directly by the regulator.
  7. Attach your photograph 
  8. Depending upon the regulator requirement, if only email is accepted by the foreign regulator, select no for sending the CGS via post.
  9. Click submit and pay the fee (current fee is around Rs.5000) and can be easily paid via debit/credit card.
  10. PMC will carry out some verification and will directly send the CGS to the foreign regulator in about 2 weeks time. You will also get the physical copy at your home address
The validity of CGS is for 6 months, however most of the foreign regulators will accept CGS issued in the past 3 months only. Hence, you should time your good standing certificate while your application is in the final stages with the foreign regulators or either when demanded by them.
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