How to renew medical licence at Pakistan Medical Commission /PMDC

  [Update: 15/04/2021 PMC as of April 2021 has started online application portal and will no longer accept manual applications by mail, we have shared a new post containing the updates and procedure for online license renewal and online fee payment.

 UPDATE IMPORTANT 06/12/2021:[A new updated guide has been published for license renewal 2022, Click here to read the updated process step by step]

Update: 01/01/2023 PMC has been dissolved and replaced once again by PMDC. However, the online license renewal and fee payment portal will be maintained at 

Visit the above-mentioned link for updated information]

The recent year has seen a tug of war between the Pakistan Medical & Dental Council (PM&DC) which used to regulate the medical licensing and the newly-setup Pakistan Medical Commission (P.M.C), aggressively advocated by the Federal govt. Despite the reservations of the medical fraternity and several legal hiccups, the P.M.C was established via Constitutional ACT.

Although the current setup at P.M.C is interim till the board and its autonomous sections start working, the commission has taken over the job from PM&DC.

A whole lot of overhaul in medical licensing, education and policy is under consideration including the introduction of N.L.E, National Licensing exam on the footsteps of USMLE & UKMLE (to be introduced) and replacing licence renewal with revalidation.

Here we will talk about medical licence renewal:

According to P.M.C the licence renewal process will be changed to revalidation, i.e. instead of just applying and getting a renewed licence the medical practitioner will be reassessed for his professional knowledge & skills, how this will be done is yet to be seen but most likely will include reviewing the Continued Medical Education activities and credits.

The duration of licence has been again extended to a period of 5 years with effect from 11/2022.

For renewal, applicant will have to download the updated form, from , fill in basic bio data along with 2 pictures, copy of valid cnic and copy of the previous licence (original expired license is no more required). { Update: 12/21 PMC RENEWAL IS NOW ONLINE ONLY, SEE THE NEW POST FOR DETAILS]

Fee is Rs. 2000 per year for renewal, if there is any change in permanent address Rs. 2000 is charged, Late fee was previously mentioned Rs 2000 per month on the manual form used previously but currently is not mentioned on the online form, please contact PMC directly in case of queries regarding late fee) Doctors can apply for renewal of forms 3 months prior to expiry in case of full license & 01 month after expiry date without any late fee surcharge.

For registration of postgraduate degree with Pakistan medical commission now a separate application form has to be used also available at, details required are bio data, degree awarded with duration, mode of study & degree awarding institute details. Fee is Rs. 3000 for Pakistani qualification, Rs. 6000 for foreign qualification.

The fee can be submitted via bank draft/ pay order in favour of “Pakistan Medical Commission“or at designated bank counters in vicinity of PMC and the form sent by courier.  (Update 12/21: Fee can be paid online via credit/debit card or Bank challan)

It should be noted that for those applicants graduated before September 2020NLE exam is not required for licence renewal.

According to Dr Taqi the current head of PMC they are working on making the entire process of licencing, good standing certificates and verification/credentialing online at their website.

N.B The rules & regulations are continuously being renewed/ revised by the commission for confirmation visit their website or contact them directly via contact details mentioned below. Meanwhile, we are continuously updating the procedures here as mentioned at PMC.

[Update 03/21 PMC to launch online application portal read more at]

[Update 15/04/21 PMC to only accept online application now – read more details/ procedures/


Here are the contact details of PMC if you have any query contact them directly.

  1. Head Office: Mauve Area, G-10/4, Islamabad, Pakistan
  2. General Info: +92-51-9106152-54
  3. email at:

46 thoughts on “How to renew medical licence at Pakistan Medical Commission /PMDC”


  2. Dear Dr. Anas
    It is great pleasure that PMC is doing a great Job ,Very well focused on Professionalism in Medical Education and Registration Process. Renewal Fee Rs.2000?month is to much for new Physician. I hope PMC will consider this, as its big financial burden.
    Dr.Matin Ahmed

  3. Hi Dr Matin,
    I do agree with you regarding the fee amount, though to clarify i am not affiliated with PMC, we all should write to PMC regarding revision of fee structure.
    Dr Anas

  4. I also agree that the commission should create some system to send reminder especially to old registered doctors before charging any significant late fee for renewal of the license.

  5. Aoa
    Sir I want to renew my licence soo can you help me about this mean form where I renew my licence online because sir he has some medical problem for that why he can't walk so can u help me
    Thank you

  6. I agree with you, we should all write to pmc to revise their fee schedule, kindly see the pmc contact information in the above article

  7. AoA
    sir i live in abroad my liscence expired in 2015 i heard they are charging 2000 / month kindly guide me how much i have to pay to renew my liscence.

  8. aoa
    sir my liscence has been expired in 2015 kindly guide me to renew it how much fee i have to submit its 2000/ month or 2000/ year?
    PS: i live in abroad

  9. Asalam Alikum,
    My PMDC certificate expired in Dec 2020. Do I need to submit CME hours to renew my certificate. Is that true that the certificate is only renewed for next 2 years.

  10. Hi sir
    I live in abroad my liscence has expired in 2015 how much i have to pay to renew it its annual or monthly kindly reply

  11. aoa
    sir my liscence expired in 2015 to renew it kindly guide me how much fees with the late fee i have to pay its 2000 per anum plus 2000 per month? or only 2000 annual ?

  12. W.S Hussain,
    As per the current info C.M.E is not required, may be in future.
    Renewals are currently for 2 years hopefully they will revise it back to 5 years this year, but till now for 2 years.

  13. How long does PMC take to dispatch the lisence certificate. Its been a month i applied for it. It still says processing on the portal application.

  14. I need help please, i havent done my housejob l, i couldn't extend my provisional licence.. Now its expired and status is inactive.. How can i get my provisional license again??
    Your help will be highly appreciated.. Thanks in advance

  15. Salam Dr. Anas
    Sir As my last name and mailing address has been changed after marriage and I need to renew my pmc license. Do I have to change my last name to renewal of license? or it is not necessary, also note that I have changed the last name on CNIC.
    Sir Kindly guide me. I would really appreciate it.

  16. W.S, name & address change would need separate application, apart from license registration, you can contact PMC directly for further clarification.

  17. AOA Sir,
    My licenced was expired in 2008 & i am living abroad, I submitted application for renewal licence on 21st oct 2021,it got accepted & exactly same time showing rejected on status over online without any objection,full fees was deducted from account ,all supported documents were attached .Please advice who should i contact in this matter .
    Thank you

  18. AOA .Sir
    My licence expired in 2008 & living abroad,i applied for licence renewal on 21st oct 2021 ,followed all steps application got accepted & showing staus rejected at same date & time without mentioning any objection ,paid full fees (PKR28000) also supported documrnt were attached too,could you please guide me who should i contact regarding the issue of status of my application.
    I sent an email regarding this issue but in responsed i got answered that you should apply prior to three months expiry of your licence.
    Does that mean i no longer can renew my licence?please guide .
    Thank you

  19. The renewal fee is ridiculous, once u have been certified as a doctor what is the point in taking the renewal fee u r simply changing the dates and making a certificate not REGISTERING AGAIN. And NOT everyone can AFFORD such amount of MONEY.

  20. It looks like they have charged "per annum" and not "per month" for each passed year. Mr. Ali, you should have asked the spokesperson of PMC that if you are technically not entitled to ask for renewal since your license already expired then in that case why were you charged for late fee? It's ridiculous….Please let us know what happened with your case? Did you manage to get it done?
    Dr. Anas could you please correct/update the info provided in the paragraph 4 of "Here we will talk about medical licence renewal"? The word "per month" for late renewal might be misleading if isn't correct. Thanks

  21. This information was provided on the PMC form for renewal
    "Rs. 2,000/- per month From the date of expiry (Applicable wef 1st April
    ,2021. Till that time old fee of Rs.2000/- per year
    will be applicable and it is FINAL DATE OF EXTENSION)".

    The manual form (used as ref at the time of writing the article) is no longer used currently as renewal process in online now, currently late fee is not shown in the online form as a routine. PMC can be contacted if any further information/clarification is required before proceeding with fee payment.

  22. you will first have to add the post graduate qualification if not already added then proceed with license reewal application, for further details please contact pmdc directly

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