The Best Protein Shake Brands Available in Pakistan

 Best protein supplement powder in Pakistan

Protein supplement or protein powders, as they are commonly
referred to, are nutritional aids to cover gaps in diet or fulfill bodies additional
nutritional demands from time to time. As already in the name, they are
supplements but not the substitute of food. While indications vary for the
addition of supplements in a diet plan, it is of utmost important that,
naturally occurring proteins should be incorporated first followed by
supplements. Naturally occurring sources of proteins are meat, eggs, pulses and
milk and its derivatives. In this article we will look at The Best Protein Shake Brands Available in Pakistan[1Some links might be affiliated


Proteins powders are often used by body builders, to boost
their protein content of their diet, apart from utilization by body builders
and athletes. Protein supplements are often recommended by doctors to patients recovering
from illnesses, with nutritional deficiencies and certain chronic medical
conditions like liver disease and those unable to take regular diet. Some
weight loss diets also advocate protein supplementation.


There are many different formulations available, and many of
them include extra substances that you might or might not want in your day. Similarly,
proteins supplements can vary in their origin of protein, any processing of protein
done, additional flavors and taste enhancer addition. Some protein powders contain
multiple types of proteins that are metabolized at different durations by the
body. Most of the protein powders are carbohydrate free and have additives for
sweetness, e.g. stevia or sucralose.

Another important aspect to care of are the ingredients, if
you are allergic to gluten or similar substances be sure to check the label to
see whether it contains gluten or even the product is made in a facility where
gluten / nuts or similar allergens are processed, if you have a known allergy.

Protein supplements can be mixed with water or any other liquid.
Some medical preparations are even tasteless, hence can be added to diet.


Protein supplements are processed protein sources derived
from either plant or animal sources. Animal sources of protein include dairy
products that contain whey and casein, or eggs. Similar to animal-based
sources, plant-based sources include things like peas, quinoa, soy, etc.

Know Your Goals & Requirements When Shopping for Protein Shakes

Before you start shopping for protein shakes, it’s important to know what your goals and requirements are. First, consider why you are buying a protein shake: Is it for bodybuilding or physical fitness purposes? Then think about nutritional value: How much protein, carbohydrates, and fats do you need in one serving of shake? Knowing this information will help you find the right product and ensure that you get the maximum nutrition out of your shake.

 Whey protein, how it’s made and what are its benefits

The most popular of the protein supplement type is the whey
protein. Whey is derived from milk, in addition to providing the essential
amino acids for muscle building and normal functioning of the body its also aids
the immune system. Tolerability is also another plus, for whey protein powders,
they are easily & quickly digestible compared to milk casein protein and
have very low lactose content. In addition, multiple flavoring options are available
to better adapt to users taste buds.

 When is it best to take protein supplements

When to take whey protein supplements is a frequently asked
query, though there is no as such time or day recommendations, it depends on
the indication and the required supplement amount which varies from situation
to situation. Each manufacturer labels its serving size which is unique to
their formulations, hence one should consult the manufacturer recommendations
for the size of serving and use the provided scoops for measurement. For those
aiming for muscle building, research shows, protein shake taken after 15-30
minutes after a workout helps in building and recovery of the muscles.

It should be noted that taking excess protein will not by itself
help build muscles, you should only take as much your body requires. Any excess
will be just burned by the body to provide energy or converted by the body into
fat etc for storage.


Best protein supplements & protein shakes in Pakistan

Before we venture into the discussion for the best prote in
powders available in Pakistan. Here is a brief overview of the types of whey
available. [2]

  Whey concentrate:
Whey concentrate is made up after processing milk, this dried powder contains
almost 80% by weight proteins and the rest is carbs and fats.


Whey isolate: For the making of whey isolate, the whey concrete
is processed further to obtain almost 90% by weight protein, hence the whey
isolate contains more protein by weight compared to whey concentrate.


There are no differences with respect to the amino acid
constituents, as the base protein is the same. However, whey isolate contains
lower lactose content, which can lead to better tolerability and less side
effects in lactose intolerant people.


Finally, there is the hydrolysed whey, is simple terms it is
a predigested whey protein that is instantly absorbed by digestive system, as
it is already processed as such by addition of enzymes. This type of whey protein
is usually administered to patients who have maldigestion or surgery of gi
tract, leading to impaired food absorption. Similarly, for those intolerant to
whey concentrate or isolate, this is the best alternative with the least side


Now coming over to the best protein powders available in
. Here is the list;


Peptamen powder by Nestle nutrition

Peptamen powder is a whey hydrolysed preparation by Nestle nutrition,
though aimed primarily at patients. This formulation is tasteless and can be
added to any diet/fluid. It is isotonic, hence doesn’t cause diarrhoea etc. Its salient
features are

  • Protein source 100% whey protein
  • ·        
    Hydrolysed, peptide-based feed (99% peptides and
    1% free amino acid)
  • ·        
    Contains 70% of fat as MCT
  • ·        
    Lactose and Gluten free
  • ·        
    Suitable for oral feeding or tube feeding
  • ·        
    Suitable as sole source of nutrition
  • ·        
    Halal certified


Peptamen powder is available easily at large departmental
stores, pharmacies and online. PEPTAMEN is recommended where protein supplementation
is required in patients.


Whey Gold standard by optimum Nutrition – Buy here

whey gold standard optimum nutrition pakistan

Gold standard by optimum nutrition is a widely trusted whey
protein brand, that is available worldwide and comes in multiple flavors. Its
serving is 24 gm protein in 31 gm serving primarily from Whey Protein Isolate,
which has had excess carbohydrates, fat, and lactose ‘isolated’ from it, with
5.5gm of BCAA (Branched chain amino acids). Optimum nutrition is among the
trusted brands in sports nutrition.  


NitroTech by MuscleTech – Buy here

muscle tech by nitrotech pakistan

Nitrotech is also among the top contenders of whey protein powders.
Its serving is 30 gm protein in 46 gm of scoop. In addition, it boasts 6.8 gm
of BCAA, 3 gm of creatine (a naturally occurring compound in muscles that
helps increase weight lifting endurance). 5gm of glutamine which helps in
muscle growth and recovery.


Whey protein 80 by the protein factory – Buy here

whey protein 80 by the protein factory pakistan

Whey protein 80 by the protein factory is one of the recently
available and a bit less costly option compared to the other products available, as it contains whey concentrate.
Its serving size is 19.6 gm protein in 25 grams scoop, claiming the highest protein content
ratio per scoop size. Contains natural amount of BCAAs and Glutamine and includes Aminogen
Enzyme System.







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